What every online business strives for is finding the right e-commerce marketing combination that will bring more customers and improve the whole conversion rate. The conversion rate is a simple formula that expresses the percentage of visitors to your e-commerce website that has made a purchase and it’s basically the most important formula for an online business owner. So, remember this good:

Conversion Rate = Number of Sales / Number of Visits

The experts give many pieces of advice on how to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce website, but the following few seem to make it on the top of the lists:

Website design

The prime thing you need is a well-made e-commerce website. As every store owner invests a lot of time and money into designing and arranging their store, every online business owner should pay attention to their website. Your e-commerce website is the first thing your customers see when “entering” your store, so it has to have a fun and functional design which will entice visitors to buy more products. A well-made website with categorized products and clear purchase path has proven to motivate customers to make more valuable purchases and come back to make more purchases in the future.

Online exposure

Just setting up a website isn’t enough to get your business noticed. You will want to show up in the top results on search engines and in order to achieve this, you need a good e-commerce marketing strategy. With the age of social media at its peak, marketing is as easy as pressing a few buttons on your smartphone or computer. You have to design your e-commerce marketing strategy according to your target group and plan out your budget for it in order to get the biggest benefits of it. If you can’t reach out to your audience, then your marketing strategy is just a waste of your valuable time and money.

Different payment methods

There are millions of people who shop online all the time and the payment methods and cards they use are different. You won’t be able to function to your full potential if you offer only one or two payment methods. Make sure you contact the most used payment companies such as PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa in order to be able to offer your customers the chance of buying your products with the method that fits their needs best.

In the end, the final goal for every online business is finding the best e-commerce solution that will bring the biggest number of visitors to their e-commerce website. But this isn’t what makes a business successful. What makes a business successful is having website visitors that will buy the products, recommend your business and come back to buy from you again.

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